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I’m a mom, former model, and a mentor focused on sharing what I have learned in my life with those striving to find their “best self”.


Early in my life, I was a “life sorter”. I helped friends, family, friends of friends clean up the clutter in their lives. Sometimes it was physical clutter, sometimes emotional clutter. I pursued a BA degree in psychology and accrued many clinical hours working as a behavioral therapist. Although I loved this field, I was already 8 years into another career which was really taking off. I continued an education in life coaching as well as with many teachers and mentors. Equipped with a fundamental base, I continued my modeling career and have been counseling everyone around me ever since.

We all experience life-changing situations …..mine was the devastation of a 13 -year marriage ending in divorce. Through this life-altering period in my life, I came to discover that the challenge wasn’t simply in my marriage but within myself. I was growing and needed support but the value placed on the importance of that was not equal in my marriage. We were in different places and the common ground was severely unbalanced. My ability to continue to give from an empty place no longer served my well being. Through a lot of self-help, coaching and taking time to manage my mind and thoughts, I can now say that my heartbreak was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am grateful for having two beautiful boys and being able to be a great co-parenting team.

I am so grateful for this situation and how it changed the course of my life. I am passionate about teaching single parents that your mind is the only thing holding you back from where you are and where you want to be. I  have transitioned out of a devastating loss of love into a thriving, fulfilled life. You can too!

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