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Ready to elevate your life and relationships?

Struggling to deepen your personal relationships? Stuck in a dating rut? Ready to create a balanced co-parenting dynamic? 

My “Realigning with Purpose®” program focuses on 3 key pillars: Clarity, Letting Go, and Integration to help you connect to yourself, appreciate what you have in your life and gain an understanding of what you want.

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I help people understand how to connect to their true self and integrate self awareness, purpose, and gratitude in all areas of their lives.

How I can help you

I am passionate about people experiencing divine connection and appreciation in their lives as they move through experiences like divorce, dating, and co-parenting dynamics.

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with Intention

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Divoce & co-parenting

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Personal Relationships


Podcasts &

“Through my personal journey of dealing with my dirty laundry, abandonment, and learning to attract the right man into my life, LeAnn has been one of the driving forces to get me to the light faster. She has given me the tools to deal with life successfully while sharing her soothing compassion and love. I couldn't be more grateful and continue to grow on my path of happiness "
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