Ready to elevate your life and relationships?

Elevating your life isn't just about surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good or whom you enjoy spending time with—it's about fostering connections that contribute positively to your personal growth, well-being, and overall happiness.

My “Realigning with Purpose®” program focuses on 3 key pillars: Clarity, Letting Go, and Communication to help you have meaningful relationships and a more fulfilling life.

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I help people connect to their true self and understand how meaningful relationships support and challenge you to evolve into the best version of yourself.


I'm LeAnn Lazar

I am a life and relationship coach and certified NLP practitioner, eloquently coined the “life sorter” by clients and colleagues, I am passionate about helping those who deeply desire to break through the daily challenges of loneliness, learn how to practice self-love, and who want to create intentional relationships to enrich their lives. 


How I can help you

I am passionate about people experiencing divine connection and appreciation in their lives as they move through challenges in relationships like divorce, dating, co-parenting dynamics, new career paths, and upleveling their lives. Through my Realigning with Purpose Process I help you shift your mindset to get you the results you want.  

3 Months 

Embark on a transformative journey with my exclusive three-month private coaching program designed to help you unlock your full potential. Whether you're striving for personal growth, professional development, or seeking clarity in your life's path, the Realigning with PurposeⓇ process is designed to guide you every step of the way.  


6 Months 

Deepen your self-awareness and unlock your full potential with my six-month private coaching program. Whether you're contemplating a career transition, navigating a divorce, seeking personal fulfillment, or striving for greater balance in your life as a parent, we'll work collaboratively to transform your life and relationships.


12 Months 

Get support for your life! Completely redesign your life with my twleve-month private coaching program. Think of this program like being coached to get to the super bowl! You have big goals and want a coach that will hold you accountable to your commitment of implementing major changes. 

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Realign with Purpose

Kickstart your relationship success with a free guide to my three step process.


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"Working with LeAnn is a game-changer personally and professionally. She helped me turn my lofty dreams into a realty by creating step-by-step goals and changes in my  mindset. Since working with LeAnn, I finally quit my full-time job and launched my "side hustle" as a full time business. With her knowledge, business savvy, and warm guidance, I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs making me feel "stuck and overwhelmed" in my life. I gained the confidence to transform my life into one I had always dreamed of living."

- Virginia P, Social Media Manager

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