Experience divine connection and appreciation in your life as you move through experiences like divorce,Ā dating,Ā andĀ co-parentingĀ dynamics.

What I Offer

Dating with Intention

I provide guidance in helpingĀ  you identify any personal blocks or limiting beliefs, and offer valuable advice on dating with intention. I help you approach the dating process with clarity, purpose, and a focus on finding a compatible partner for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship through my "Realigning with PurposeĀ®ā€ process.

Deepening Personal Relationships

I guide those wanting to strengthen their self- awareness, communication skills, setting boundaries, and develop emotional intelligence, which involves recognizing and managing their own emotions as well as empathy towards others.intelligence.

Navigating Divorce & Co-Parenting Dynamics

Navigating co-parenting dynamics can be a complex and emotionally challenging process. As your coach, I provide guidance, support, and practical strategies to help individuals cope with the divorce, communicate effectively with their ex-spouse, and navigate the co-parenting relationship in a healthy and productive manner.

Individual Coaching SessionĀ 

Individual coaching session for clients who would like to book a one-timeĀ (90 minute)Ā session with LeAnn. If you are interested in gaining clarity, receiving guidance, or tips on what specifically you are going through, thenĀ book your session today!


12 week Program

Ā 1:1 coaching with LeAnn to accelerate your personal growth goals using strategic tools and practices with myĀ "Realigning with PurposeĀ®ā€ process.Ā Learn how to get clear on what you want, let go of what is holding you back, and integrate a new mindset and practices into your life.


Realign with Purpose Membership

Group coaching program with bi-weekly live calls, "Realigning with PurposeĀ®" workbook, weeklyĀ writing prompts, tips, meditation suggestions delivered to your inbox, ask a coach email access.


We would be a good fit to work together if you are:

Successful, killing it in your career, but want to create more profitable relationships professionally.

ā€‹On a personal growth journey, you are self aware, possibly have a therapist on speed dial, and are ready to move from consuming inspirational quotes to implementing practices to take actionable steps.

ā€‹Committed, you are truly ready to invest in yourself and be held accountable for creating different results in your life.

ā€‹A single parent, going through the stages of a divorce with children.. Been there, done that, CHECK!

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LeAnn helped me identify the negative thoughts that were holding me back from taking the big risks in my business and relationships. After working with LeAnn for a few weeks I expanded my business offerings and got the results I wanted.Ā  She helped me clarify unhealthy patterns in my personal life which enabled me to rekindle relationships with family members and move forward to create more balance and prosperity in my life.

Elizabeth, Musician

"The reason LeAnn gets the best results from her clients is because she demands the best results from herself. Her constant discovery of new tools to bring to her clients makes working with her an ever-evolving positive growth experience. She practices what she preaches, and pushes me to be my best self through words and actions. I am grateful to call her my coach and friend."


Catherine, CEO/Reiki Healer

Through my personal journey of dealing with my dirty laundry, abandonment, and learning to attract the right man into my life, LeAnn has been one of the driving forces to get me to the light faster. She has given me the tools to deal with life successfully while sharing her soothing compassion and love. I couldn't be more grateful and continue to grow on my path of happinessĀ