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4 Phrases you should stop saying right now!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

We all struggle with getting through the mental blocks of growth. It can be growth in our business, our relationships, as a parent, any aspect of our lives. How we see ourselves moving through a situation or period of time is key. Stop saying phrases like," I can't", " I don't have enough time", "I can't afford it", or " I'm not good enough".

These phrases block your thought process and stop you from moving forward. In my experience, stopping this negative commentary in my mind is difficult but when I redirect the words swirling around in my head, it opens the path to allowing positive words to come in. The phrase," I can't" probably means, "I don't want to", " I don't like it" or " It's too much". We tend to allow this phrase to be a gentle "no" when asked to do something we don't want to do. It's a default to really communicating what you want to say. Start to shift the way you say things and see how the outcomes change. For example, if asked to attend an event and you are intimidated to go and think"I'm not good enough", respond by saying, "Thank you for inviting me, but I'm not comfortable in that space". Or if you have an idea about something and feel that you are too overwhelmed to start, don't tell yourself you"can't", simply break down the situation so you can plan on making smaller actions towards a bigger goal.

Start small, it will add up to something big over time.

The age old phrase,"I don't have enough time" simply means you have too much on your plate! We tend to over commit to things and then find that life only moves so fast. Start to prioritize your tasks and commitments by what actually needs to be handled and how important they are to your well -being. Cut your to-do list in half and you will see how much more time you have each day for the important stuff.

"I can't afford it" is totally a double edged sword. If you take a hard look at what you want in you want in your life, focus your mind on why you want the things are want, why they are valuable to you and figure out how to afford them. What value are you placing on "stuff". Instead say to yourself, I will buy____after I prioritize the things in my life that matter most. You may see that some things become less important and you will start to see alternative options that fit your lifestyle and current budget.

Shifting your thoughts takes time. Don't get frustrated with yourself if your thoughts aren't immediately more positive. Make small changes daily, this process will add up over time and then one day you notice your thoughts are better than they used to be.

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