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Create your vision board and watch how your year unfolds

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I have been creating a vision board for a few years and have always enjoyed making a collage of beautiful pictures on a board and looking at it all year long. I haven’t always circled back at the end of the year to see how my life unfolded over the year in relation to my vision board but this year I DID, and wow I was amazed at how the things that came into my life this past year were similar to some of the pictures on my vision board! For instance, I had a picture of a girl with blonde hair smiling directly at the camera. Now I know this seems simple, but at the time I was collecting images, I had brown hair and I remember loving the hair style not specifically the color. Well, a few months later, I landed a dermatology campaign and they asked if I would go blonde! I of course said yes and have had lighter hair ever since. Crazy right! Then another image was of a group of 4-5 people standing in a circle talking and the view was from way about them looking down. So your focus was on the tops of their heads and their body position and not on their faces. I remember choosing this image because it was next to an article about growing your business and I liked the idea of having a strong circle of people around me in business. Well, this past summer I was vacationing at the beach in NC and was standing in a circle with a group of women who I consider to be my family, discussing business and life. My little brother took a photo of us from the deck above us and it was exactly like the image on my vision board!! And two of these women I do business with! Holy Crap! I then asked myself what was different about this past year and previous years? I realized a few things, the INTENTION behind my image choices were different. I chose things that made me feel something.

As I am gathering my images for his year’s collage, I am focused on how images make me feel. When I have a strong feeling of happiness or joy when I see an image, I’m adding it to my board. It doesn’t matter if it is patterned wall paper, the shape of a utensil, a view from a cliff or a word. If you have a strong feeling towards it, then there is something energetically speaking to you. Who knows , maybe that patterned wall paper is inspiration for your business card or that utensil shape is in a piece of artwork you want to buy. You just NEVER KNOW!

I am encouraging you take the time this month to gather your items for your inspiration board. They can be anything that makes you feel good….photo images, fabric, paint, physical items, a color or pattern. It doesn’t matter as long as the item evokes a feeling. Don’t focus on how the item will tie into your life or why, just focus on the feeling.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who want to share some of the items you chose for your vision board. When we revisit this at the end of the year, it will be exciting to see how things in the board relate to your experiences.

Happy gathering!!

#VisionBoard #Feelgood

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