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  • A single parent, going through the stages of a divorce with children.. Been there, done that, CHECK!

  • Successful, killing it in your career, but your love life is MIA! Ready to take a dip in the dating pool.. For Real this time.

  • On a personal growth journey, you are self aware, possibly have a therapist on speed dial, and are ready to move from consuming inspirational quotes to implementing practices to take actionable steps.

  • Committed, you are truly ready to invest in yourself and be held accountable for creating different results in your life, especially your love life.

I am passionate about helping single parents who deeply desire breaking through the daily challenges of loneliness, practicing self-love, and who want to create a conscious partnership.

Need quick advice for an upcoming date? Anxious about meeting your partner's kids? I'm here to help!

  • 1 hr call to address your urgent issue

  • Guidance to help you shift your mindset about a situation

  • Taking you from panic to centered action

  • $125/hr

If you are looking for guidance around a situation now, hop on my calendar below.

*payment made prior to call

An 8 week intimate group coaching program for single parents ready to up level your love life. Healing, balancing your life with kids, your ex and making breakthroughs in your love life are all amplified when we share this journey together in a safe, loving community of parents who are ready to make some big changes in their life.

  • 8 transformative weeks of guidance, support & community

  • (8) 60-minute group coaching sessions

  • (2) 50-minute 1:1 coaching calls

  • Powerful content + exercises

Ready to make big changes in your love life? Click below to apply to my group coaching program.

6-month personal mentoring program on how to break down the obstacles that are holding you back in your dating life and relationships.

  • Fully ready to let go of those emotions that keep you stuck in the same cycle of dating

  • Manifest your ideal person into your life

  • Create the life and relationship of your dreams

Ready to make big changes in your love life? Click below to apply to my 1:1 personalized coaching program.


“Through my personal journey of dealing with my dirty laundry, abandonment, and learning to attract the right man into my life, LeAnn has been one of the driving forces to get me to the light faster. She has given me the tools to deal with life successfully while sharing her soothing compassion and love. I couldn't be more grateful and continue to grow on my path of happiness "

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"Working with LeAnn is a game-changer personally and professionally. She helped me turn my lofty dreams into a realty by creating step-by-step goals and changes in my  mindset. Since working with LeAnn, I finally quit my full-time job and launched my "side hustle" as a full time business. With her knowledge, business savvy, and warm guidance, I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs making me feel "stuck and overwhelmed" in my life. I gained the confidence to transform my life into one I had always dreamed of living."


"The reason LeAnn gets the best results from her clients is because she demands the best results from herself. Her constant discovery of new tools to bring to her clients makes working with her an ever-evolving positive growth experience. She practices what she preaches, and pushes me to be my best self through words and actions. I am grateful to call her my coach and friend. "

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