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Reimagine Love Retreat "Replay"

Holiday Mode Is happening... the pandemic still in full swing, emotions are wobbly, tensions are high and family traditions are being revisited. May be just the time to treat yourself or someone you love to an amazing gift...


The Reimagine Love 2020 Retreat “THE REPLAY” 


If you missed the epic Virtual Retreat weekend in October led by dating, love and relationship experts & coaches from around the world, you can now own the “THE REPLAY” for a LIMITED time. ENDS ON FEBRUARY 19, 2021. 


For 3 months of FULL ACCESS you will receive: 


 Receive 16 Videos (including a BONUS WORKSHOP VIDEO)


 *Learn expert counsel & tools in dating & love relationships from over 20 International Experts


 *6 Transformational Workshops + a BONUS “Dating Advice” Workshop 


 *Guided meditation with davidji


 *Meditation & Breath-work with Cassandra Bodzak 


 *Sound Healing Bath with Helene Marie Anderson


 *Vinyasa Yoga with NY-Based Yoga Instructor, Lisa Bennett Matkin 


 *Kundalini Yoga Practice with Australian’s own Nikki Reed 


 *Brief Comedy Act with Rolonda Watts


 *Married Couples Q&A Panel Hosted by Dena Burton


 *Video Dance Party with DJ Cat Shell 


An AMAZING line-up of teachers and leaders to support you in your dating life, love, and relationships in these trying times. 


No more leaving love and romance to guesswork. This retreat will transform your heart and give you REAL tools and strategies for REAL life application. 


We don’t have to stay in the blues during these times. Love is the most healing and powerful energy. 


If you want to manifest greater romantic love and partnership with a new, existing, or future partner...Join “THE REPLAY”. 




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