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  LeAnn helped me identify the negative thoughts that were holding me back from taking the big risks in my business and relationships. After working with LeAnn for a few weeks I expanded my business offerings and got the results I wanted.  She helped me clarify unhealthy patterns in my personal life which enabled me to rekindle relationships with family members and move forward to create more balance and prosperity in my life.


Elizabeth, Songwriter/Musician

"The reason LeAnn gets the best results from her clients is because she demands the best results from herself. Her constant discovery of new tools to bring to her clients makes working with her an ever-evolving positive growth experience. She practices what she preaches, and pushes me to be my best self through words and actions. I am grateful to call her my coach and friend. "


Entrepreneur/Former Military

 I worked with LeAnn for the past 10 mos year after struggling with the next chapter in my life with from transitioning from the military to civilian life, as well as personal relationships. LeAnn was AWESOME! We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my goals, tackled current work issues and explored future business ideas.  Almost a year together and I can honestly say that I have work-life balance, a better mindset, and feel more confident about my future. I highly recommend LeAnn. You will move forward in life!

Heart Graffiti

Virginia, Social Media Manager/Entrepreneur

Working with LeAnn is a game-changer personally and professionally. She helped me turn my lofty dreams into a realty by creating step-by-step goals and changes in my  mindset. Since working with LeAnn, I finally quit my full-time job and launched my "side hustle" as a full time business. With her knowledge, business savvy, and warm guidance, I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs making me feel "stuck and overwhelmed" in my life. I gained the confidence to transform my life into one I had always dreamed of living.


Catherine,CEO/Reiki Healer

Through my personal journey of dealing with my dirty laundry, abandonment, and learning to attract the right man into my life, LeAnn has been one of the driving forces to get me to the light faster. She has given me the tools to deal with life successfully while sharing her soothing compassion and love. I couldn't be more grateful and continue to grow on my path of happiness 


Kristi, Military Wife
Mom of 2

  A few years ago I was faced with the daunting task of solo parenting a new baby and a kindergartner while my husband was deployed overseas for 7 months. At times I felt overwhelmed trying to manage things on my own. Having regular coaching sessions with LeAnn over the phone helped me deal with the stresses of caring for myself, home, and family during my husband's deployment. I couldn't be more grateful for the tools she taught me that I still use to this day.

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